Art Reproduction Richard Hugh Blackford's Print on Paper "Barack Obama"

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Title: Obama Farewell

Dimensions: 18" x 12"

Barack Obama, Obama's farewell. Richard Hugh Blackford's Barack Obama
The first African American President-Barack Hussein Obama departs the White House and brings the curtain down on eight years of scandal-free stewardship and a principled approach to leadership unmatched by any previous President in the 240 years of America's Democracy.
In recognition of his stewardship I have struck a portrait of the American President which has been copped by one of my clients.
Here is a chance to own a copy of limited edition print of this fabulous painting for posterity.
The item is available in prints on card-stock paper and the edition will be individually signed and numbered with each print shipped with an accompanying certificate of authenticity issued by the artist.

In November 2008 Americans overwhelmingly elected Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States of America. His election symbolized hope for many and a promise for a more inclusive America.  By the time he was re-elected a second time in November 2012  Americans' views of Obama had started to break along partisan lines. Nearly nine in 10 Democrats and people who lean Democratic view him favourably, while three in four Republicans and GOP-leaning Americans have a negative view. Independents are roughly divided.
When he took office, the nation was in dire economic straits, with jobs evaporating and a financial crisis deepening by the day. Near the end of Obama's first year in office, the jobless rate hit a quarter-century high of 10 per cent. He leaves the White House with unemployment at just 4.7 percent after 75 straight months of job growth, though it's come with sluggish rises in wages and many older Americans simply giving up on finding work.
It may be those persistent challenges that have fueled the perception that despite the economic recovery, things haven't improved enough. Just four in 10 Americans said they and their families are better off than when Obama took office, while about a quarter say they're worse off. About a third say they haven't seen much change.
This print represents an immortalization of his Presidency and a fitting memento of his legacy.