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Richard Hugh Blackford's -Giclee Print on Canvas "The Skatellites"

$350.00 $250.00

They came together from disparate backgrounds but they had one thing in common....they all lived and loved music. Most attended the Alpha Boys School in the 1950s and were part of its music programme. Jackie Mittoo, Roland Alphanso, Lester Sterling, Tommy McCook, Lloyd Brevitt, Lloyd Knibb, Don Drummond and Lester Sterling. In 1964 they pooled their talents and formed "The Skatellites" This painting is dedicated to their everlasting memory and the music they gave us.
Call me or In-box me for pricing. Limited number of prints on canvas (numbered, signed and with accompanying certificate of authenticity available. Print Price S250.00. Print dimensions - 24"x 18".

Medium- Print on canvas