Richard Hugh Blackford’s Original Painting-“Swimming With The Ancestors”

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Richard Hugh Blackford's “Swimming with the Ancestors”

Medium- Acrylic on canvas 

Dimensions- 40”x30”

Africans extracted from the Motherland, once they were forced aboard those sea going vessels, lost all connections with their identities. Those that would eventually survive the arduous Journey and the inhumane treatment in the Western Hemisphere would eventually create new identities, develop new communities and create brand new histories which would redound to the creation of the raising up of the African Diaspora which constitutes you and me.
The men and women depicted here demonstrates resistance as by jumping overboard into the oceans, they have decided that this is their resistance. Rather than be taken to an unknown land they prefer to join their ancestors in the next realm.


Richard Hugh Blackford is one of the leading Jamaican impressionist painters working today. Largely self taught, he is widely known for his highly individual oil pieces inspired by his years living on the wonderful Caribbean island of Jamaica. His paintings come from a place that is not only very familiar to him, but representative of the type of diversity that only a place such as Jamaica has to offer.  He visits the island on a regular basis – to constantly renew himself and to draw from this reservoir generous helpings of inspiration for his canvasses.   In his work he always prefers to concentrate on a specific set of topics featuring the people and culture of the island in all its brilliance. Richard’s aim with his work is to convey the spirit of the Jamaican people and the magic of its environment.
After a number of years working in the cut-and-thrust of the Jamaican business environment, Richard took the decision to concentrate solely on his painting and hit the Jamaican Art scene with a solo exhibition of Cricket Paintings in 2005. Since then Richard has had some 20 solo exhibitions in Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, the United Kingdom and in several states here in the USA. Not surprisingly, his work has been bought by collectors and buyers worldwide – Canada, the U.K., United States of America, The Cayman Islands, Antigua, Barbados as well as by a large and loyal following back in Jamaica.

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